Supplemental Materials

Jazz Chord Survival Kit

Jazz Chord Survival Kit is meant to serve as an ’emergency’ source for guitarists with an uneven understanding of basic 7th chords. Basic voicings appear in traditional notation, chord blocks and tab.

Pianoless trios: Recorded examples for Comping Practice

Pianoless trio recordings for comping practice gives you a great opportunity to practice with classic recordings involving no chordal accompaniment. Record yourself over these recordings to truly gauge your comping skills.

Scales for Practice

Scales for Practice offers some subjective titles for the modes of the seven scales I find most useful. It’s helped me to get a handle on a large amount of material.

Uses of Harmonic Major

Uses of Harmonic Major outlines some harmonic situations for you to hear and start using these sounds.

Harmonic Major

Harmonic Major is the latest addition to the list of required scales at Berklee. I’ve had to learn a lot more about this scale to enable me to use it. There are some great colors that you won’t find anywhere else.

Side Effects

Side Effects This is the lead sheet for a tune I wrote several years ago and I’ve been playing it ever since. You can hear it on 4 Madmen in La La Land.

Rhythms for Practice

Rhythms for practice brings together a couple of important elements: rhythmic solfege as discussed by Ronan Guilfoyle and rhythmic exercises similar to those introduced by drummer Gary Chaffee.

Gateway to Chromaticism on Guitar

Gateway to chromaticism on guitar introduces some basic ways to introduce some angularity to basic minor pentatonic melodies.

Modal Voicing Techniques

Here’s my latest release‚Äďa DVD intended to simplify modal voicings on the guitar. There’s a little booklet enclosed with all of the material in tablature, in addition to traditional notation. Available from if you click here. They’ve even set it up to show a free trailer clip, if you’re interested. Here’s a link to the printed materials for the DVD.