Equipment and software

Hardware used:
MacBook Pro apple
Line 6 TonePort UX2 line6
Roland GI-20 MIDI guitar interface roland
Godin Multiac with 13-pin patchcord godinguitars

Software used:
Garageband 3: apple
Finale (notation) coda
Quadranome (metronome): luckymedia
Tubesock (grab youtube and daily motion vids): stinkbot
Audio HiJack (grab audio from any computer application): rogueamoeba
Auralia (ear training software): risingsoftware

Logic Pro (digital recording) apple

Drumcore rhythm track production software:

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX with Beta Monkey Music drum loops

Guitar amplifier emulation plugins: Amplitube 2 iKmultimedia
GTR 2 waves Guitar Rig 2 nativeinstruments

Audacity: freeware digital recording software

Berklee's online school: berkleemusic

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